Sunday, February 9, 2020

Drunk/Sober History Meditation / Sun Breaks

While researching climate activist, Q'orianka Kilcher, I found that video. Sometimes humor gets the message across in the best of ways.

There haven't been many opportunities for walking lately, but we all try to get out during sun breaks.


37paddington said...

A beautiful path. The light is magical.

Tara said...

That there is one hilarious video! I had forgotten how long the occupation was. Too bad it didn't last. Red Power forever!

I know what you mean about getting out when the sun is shining. Just to feel the sun on our chilly winter faces is a delight.

ellen abbott said...

we've watched several episodes of drunk history. it can be pretty funny.

it's been mostly overcast around here which I guess is pretty typical of the winter season. the occasional blue sky days usually gets everyone out. during the brutal summer though we are all happy for overcast days.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the weather up in the Pacific Northwest, and it looks like it has been pretty rainy for a while. I hope you get some sunshine soon, and you get out for some good walks.