Monday, October 25, 2021

Tears of joy revisited / Boundless Love

In the first month after my R returned from Vietnam in December 1970, he bought tickets for us to see the exhibit of Vincent van Gogh's art work at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  It is occurring to me this morning that I sensed Vincent van Gogh's presence as I stood with R in front of the paintings that Vincent van Gogh had stood by or sat in front of or carried with him through his life.  I saw then and see even more now that R had much in common with Vincent van Gogh.  R was an artist.  R's life held both profound joy and immense grief and sorrow and pain.  Watching this video again this morning after a friend sent me the link, I see R healed and whole, walking in peace somewhere beyond reason, somewhere eternally beautiful, with Vincent van Gogh and so many others like them, like all of us, worthy of unconditional love.


This brought tears of joy, too.  Thank you, beth coyote.


Anonymous said...

A lovely memory of R. Very touching that Van Gogh stirred such sweet memories.

37paddington said...

This stopped me for some reason, the idea that standing before Van Gogh's paintings I was actually in communion with the artist himself, across time. Robin posted an idea akin to this today, the thought that we are all connected in the end. I am glad you have this memory of R, and that it leads you to imagine him healed and whole.