Wednesday, December 29, 2021

From "An Irritable Métis" (Chris La Tray) / Late December 2021

I've been reading Chris La Tray's substack ever since discovering it by way of  Elizabeth's substack.  Grateful for the ever-widening community of kindred spirits who are connected through blogging.


The snow and ice here have re-created something like the first days of COVID.  Few people out on the roads.  Many who might have gathered without vaccinations and without masks have had to stay home or near home here since Christmas Day due to snow and ice making travel not an option for most of us.  The forecast offers no end in sight.

This morning I was talking with a friend who teaches high school English in Baltimore.  She reports that the COVID situation there is as bad as it was before vaccinations became widely available.  

Looking out my windows to the east in the past few days:



Anonymous said...

Covid and the holidays are not a good match at all. We've been staying home and avoiding all gatherings. It's simply not safe these days. So we wait until it is safe again.
The skies there are so beautiful. I love the photos. I hope things warm up there for you.

Elizabeth said...

We're all hunkered down this week due to both sons testing positive last week. Sigh. I'm grateful for vaccinations and masks and a job that I can do remotely, but this is one hell of a year.

Pixie said...

This year sucked the big one.

Sabine said...

Lovely bird and sunrise. We must enjoy the good things.

Colette said...

I don't even know what to think about this year. I'm hoping for a better 2022 for all of us.

beth coyote said...

Once again, strange times.

Still quite cold in Seattle. Everything is so still.

37paddington said...

Happy new year, my friend. It's a strange time right now, may we all emerge from this surreality soon.