Friday, January 7, 2022

Listen for the Trumpeter swans trumpeting / Bob Dylan dream / Someday I'll draw a masterpiece with my non-dominant hand (-:

A few nights ago I dreamed that I was line with about a dozen people in an intimate hallway, waiting to see an art exhibit for a second time and noticed Bob Dylan talking with other people farther back in the line.  It turned out that he was the curator for the exhibit which I soon found featured not only the art work of women but also included a section that was like a county fair as well as an outdoor garden section.  There was no commotion around him.  He was speaking calmly and quietly to each person in a gracious and friendly manner.  I hoped that he would notice me and talk with me, but I was okay if he didn't and he didn't.  A woman asked if he could sign one of his songbooks and he obliged her.  

He was dressed in a vaguely Middle Eastern cotton shirt jacket and faded jeans.  The shirt jacket had pale vertical stripes that were green, orange, red, tan and golden.

When it was my turn to the enter the exhibit, I walked in with much more awareness than the first time. Once again, the first thing I saw was a small square self-portrait of a young woman painted in mostly greens.  Her face was golden.  Her handwritten poetry inspired by her painting was on the wall underneath her self-portrait.  The exhibit walls were rounded.  I continued in a counter-clockwise direction, seeing each woman's art work as if for the first time.

On this second visit to the exhibit, I went further than before and came to a hallway with living rabbits in fanciful dioramas.  This part of the exhibit was something like the 4-H area of a county fair.  

Continuing on I discovered there was a door leading outside to a garden exhibit.  While I was looking at a display of flowering plants, I saw one of my former hospital co-workers, Eduardo.  He stopped to talk with me.  I wanted to tell him that I am learning to speak Spanish, but his grandson insisted that they keep walking to the next garden display.  His grandson appeared to be about 11 years old and was excited about the garden displays.  Eduardo smiled at me, at the same time shrugging his shoulders the way he always used to do, and let his grandson pull him forward.  


Anonymous said...

That sounds like quite a dream. I love that remembered so much of the details. How wonderful it must have been to see Bob Dylan in your dream.
Loved hearing those trumpeter swans trumpeting and seeing your new artwork.

beth coyote said...

This was so beautiful.

A friend called to tell me she is dreaming again after 15 years on call. In her dream she was working through a lost baby...a baby that had died during her last year as a midwife. Dreams can heal and move us forward.

Ellen D. said...

That was a long and busy dream! I often can't remember my dreams once I am awake.

Tara said...

I love the detail that you recall. Seems to be a lot of textural details as well. What do you make of it being your second visit, hmmm?