Monday, January 8, 2024

¡Lily Gladstone!

"I'm so proud of the film we made with so many Osage Nation leaders, artists, educators & community advocates," she wrote. "Never forget this story is recent history with a lasting impact on breathing, feeling people today. It belongs to them, & we all have so much to learn from it."

"In this process of learning about the horrific Reign of Terror, remember that the Osage remain," she continued. "Native People remain. And this story is a lot to take in. Be kind, and please be gentle with each other. There is much to process, and much to heal."

-- Lily Gladstone


Barbara Rogers said...

So happy for her! What a great message she sends to all of us!

Barbara Rogers said...

So happy to hear of Lily's well won award! Yay to all Native Peoples being recognized!