Thursday, February 8, 2024

Music for Tiny Mandalas #38 and #39 of 53




Sabine said...

What a wonderful combination! Inti Illimani were living in European exile (mostly in Italy) during the mid 1970s to late 1980s and I have been to several of their concerts at folk festivals and university parties as a student. Most memorable was a spontaneous concert the day Somoza fled Nicaragua in July 1979 in the dinner hall of my faculty at Heidelberg University, where many exiled people from Central and South America were living at the time. We sang and danced into the morning.

am said...

Sabine -- Reading what you wrote about the exiled people singing and dancing with you and other Europeans gave me a sensation of joy from head to toe that I can still feel. Thank you so much for your comment!

Barbara Rogers said...

Beautiful music, beautiful mandalas! What a great thing to hear from Sabine about the people in exile in Europe, including these musicians!