Friday, December 29, 2006

Composer (1983) and Poem (1983)

and a poem:


Why should we go on watching each other through a telescope?
-- Bob Dylan, Street Legal, 1978

There is a drought and no messiah in sight
Look at the thirsty land
Look at the magnifying glass sun
But no hand holds the glass
No heart is moved by our sorrow
Through a telescope we look for healing hands,
A human heart, and eyes that shed tears.

In drought and in deluge
These suns and gods
Are distant
Though amazingly graceful and near
While we watch through telescopes
Our church of sky, land and sea
Fills with healing hands,
Human hearts and eyes that shed tears.

I couldn't remember the title of the above drawing until I found a list of drawings and paintings I had done that my mother had placed on the walls of their home. My mother chose this one for a place high on the wall in their living room, knowing that it was based on a photograph of Bob Dylan from the 1960s. Her title for it, though, which I did remember, was "The Judge." A friend of mine referred to it as the drawing of the "hockey player." The image is open to interpretation. When I drew this I was thinking of both Bob Dylan and Johann Sebastian Bach. As I looked at this drawing for the first time in a long time, I remembered the poem I had written which was inspired by the words of a song written by Bob Dylan in 1978. When my mother died in 1994, the drawing came back to me.


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