Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Golden Line (1982)

A life drawing model who was in her ninth month of pregnancy came to model for the Western Washington University class one day. This was not her first pregnancy, and she was completely at ease with herself. What was amazing to me was that as I drew her I could see the shape of the baby moving. I was not able to convey that in the drawing, though. A few weeks later she brought her baby to class for all of us to see.

Some time later I received a phone call from Blue Horse Gallery, the art gallery who was representing me at that time. She had contacted them because she was interested in buying that drawing, but the drawing was not available because I had traded it for a brightly colored drawing of a very old woman which had been drawn by one of my classmates, a middle-aged woman. The classmate wanted to frame the drawing and put it above her drawing table in her studio.

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