Tuesday, December 4, 2007


While wind and rain continue, I'm still thinking about my mother with gratitude and love, remembering that she instilled in me her love of books and art.

Here's Kurt Vonnegut talking about novels:

"I’ve said that to open a novel is to arrive in a music hall and be handed a viola. You have to perform. [Laughs.]
To stare at horizontal lines of phonetic symbols and Arabic numbers and to be able to put a show on in your head, it requires the reader to perform. If you can do it, you can go whaling in the South Pacific with Herman Melville, or you can watch Madame Bovary make a mess of her life in Paris..."

I found the quote here.


Loren said...

It's a good thing if the cat is looking OUT the window.

Things are crazy just to the West and South of us, but not too bad here.

The Dream said...

Wild storms out your way - scary.

Oh, btw, the pic of you with your mother (below post) is great! You have a mighty mane, as I did until recent history.

robin andrea said...

A wonderful quote about creativity and imagination, things we must bring with us to fully engage with the world.

Glad to read that the storm has passed, although it has left quite a bit of destruction in its wake.

Pretty kitty.

am said...

Loren -- I was wondering how the storm was affecting your area. Good to know it wasn't too bad where you are.

dream -- As I grow older, my mighty mane is not so mighty, something I inherited from my mother who, when she was young, also had a mighty mane of red hair. My hair was more "reddish" than true red. My Scots-Irish/German mother's hair stayed red throughout her life, while my hair began to turn grey when I was in my 20s, something I inherited from my Norwegion/German father!

robin andrea -- Kurt Vonnegut has a fine and humorous way of saying what is true, doesn't he?