Thursday, December 20, 2007


(40-minute drawing, 4:40 to 5:20 a.m. -- 6B pencil on heavy weight, medium tooth surface, 9 x 12 Canson drawing pad, while listening to "Chants of India," which plays for approximately 1 hour and is a work of love by Ravi Shankar and George Harrison. Contour drawings come from "paused" frames from Martin Scorsese's film on DVD, "No Direction Home.")

"We invent nothing, truly. We borrow and re-create. We uncover and discover. All has been given, as the mystics say. We have only to open our eyes and hearts, to become one with that which is.
(quote by Henry Miller, from Zen Calendar, December 20, 2007)

Henry Miller said, "To paint is to love again."

(Photo of me taken in Plain, Washington, by V.M., who will remain anonymous, unless I'm instructed otherwise)

See Denise Levertov's, "Celebration" at wood s lot.


robin andrea said...

Your creativity is truly a wonderful thing to watch unfold. I'm enjoying your discoveries.

Love the pic of you, too.

The Dream said...

OK, I'm ordering the CD today!
What a wonderful quote by Henry Miller - so very true. And as I branch out and create abstract work, it's all the more ... meditative. Pure emotion. Thoughts and feelings gliding down the stream as I paint. And here, I thought it would be easy.
Cool drawings - your influences and champions are also mine.
So good to "see" you, dear one!