Saturday, April 25, 2009


The photo is from my current favorite webcam. More here. That's the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

"In case you think Gauguin and I get down to work effortlessly, let me tell you the work does not always come easily to us. And my wish for our Dutch friends, and for you as well, is that they should feel no more discouraged by their difficulties than we do."

(p. 424, from THE LETTERS OF VINCENT VAN GOGH, translated by Arnold Pomerans. This is from a letter of December 1888, written to his brother, Theo.)

Looking east from my porch today:


R.L. Bourges said...

Great advice in that letter. (Did you know Van Gogh used to bring his paintings into the cafés and set them up on chairs, trying to sell them?)

I love those webcam views of the California coast. Thanks for this one and the one at the Point Reyes lighthouse.

Soft pastels in that view from your porch. Spring coming on tiptoes, yes?

best, am.

Anonymous said...

these photos keep us attentive, looking. they also have a lower pollen count than the real thing these days. good to see you back.kjm