Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday when I went out on the porch, I could hear the young swallows chirping in the nesting box. Today I can't hear them and am wondering if they fledged. As I was out on the porch, a hummingbird flew from flower to flower and then up to the hummingbird feeder.

Chinese proverb:

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.


Taradharma said...

I found your blog because of your comments on newdharmabums about Martin. I am friends of R&R and have actually talked with Martin and his wife on skype. Thank you for posting his urls...his writing is fabulous, and his descriptions of his 'trip' are quite a window into his world. I think of him often, and say a prayer.
Enjoying your pages so much as well, the photos, your paintings, the quotations, all so jam-packed. I easily got lost in your blog...good thing I left a trial of bread crumbs to find my way out again!

mum said...

word verif says: singo.
I add: sing-o and fly-o, little swallows.
June 24th is a holiday in Québec. In France, it's a night of bonfires called 'feux de joie' - 'joy fires'.

Much joy to you, am.

best from Graulhet.

Anonymous said...

Summer Solstice

It's been a busy day.
one hummingbird, then

Robert Sund

Couldn't help but think of this Robert Sund poem at the time of light and birds. You, like Sund, keep track of things worth tracking. Thanks, kjm

am said...

TaraDharma -- Thanks so much for stopping by. Astonishing, the connections we make through blogs. As Martin said, there is healing in these connections.

mum -- Thank you for letting me know about the joy fires in Quebec. The swallows are out flying. This morning there were three hummingbirds spinning and spiraling around the feeder.

kjm -- Thank you for the Robert Sund poem. As the swallows have left, the hummingbirds have been more active on my porch!