Monday, June 29, 2009


In a dream on the night before last, Jack Nicholson kindly told me that it really didn't matter if I had a much harder time than he did when I try to learn lines by heart. Outside, on the right side of my porch, he had made himself a little green room with green sheets. I could hear him singing to himself out there.

The Bob Dylan songs I love the best are like paintings by Chagall.


mum said...

I loved this post, am. The Weepies were a discovery for me. I like the idea of Dylan songs being like Chagall paintings for you - I'd be curious to see what you would do with that idea if you ran with it. It strikes me like a whole field of inspiration just waiting for you to explore.

Best as always.

gleaner said...

Wow, I love this post. What a great dream with the roguish Jack!

Beth W. said...

Thanks for adding so much to my morning. I'll think, love and write better for seeing and hearing all three of these.

robin andrea said...

My twin brother is a big fan of The Weepies. I'm glad to see their video here and hear their voices. I never thought about Dylan's songs being like Chagall paintings, but I love the idea of that and the image. Lovely.