Monday, February 22, 2010

"... that silence is so beautiful."

The following words came from page 97 of 6 Billion Others: Portraits of Humanity from Around the World, A project by Yann Arhthus-Bertrand in association with GoodPlanet. Realized by Sibylle d'Orgeval and Baptiste Rouget-Luchaire.

Tsatsita / Lives in Chechnya
"It was January 15 or 16. I remember like it was yesterday. Suddenly, there was absolute silence--no more planes, no more explosions, you could hear again. I came up from the basement, and I found myself outside, and I saw an enormous full moon. Along with the silence, it was really sublime. So I thought that if there is an eighth wonder of the world, this must be it: When silence comes after war. Whether it lasts one second, two seconds, or ten seconds, that silence is so beautiful."

Although I don't buy books as often as I used to, this book caught my eye because I love looking at human faces. I told myself that when I got a job again I would buy it. The next time I was in the bookstore I still didn't have a job, but I bought this book anyway. People from around the world were photographed and asked questions beginning with, "What were your dreams as a child?" and ending with "What would you like to say to the inhabitants of the planet?" Some responded with direct answers. Others told stories.

Tsatsita was responding to the question "What is Happiness? Are you Happy?"

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robin andrea said...

I once tried to figure out how long it would take to look at all 6.8 billion of us, if I only looked at each person for one second. It would take 215 years. Imagine that... All those stories.