Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It was in February of 2008, when Richard was in his fifth month in the stroke rehabilitation unit of the V.A. hospital in Palo Alto, that I had the healing dream that inspired the last poem in my book of art and poetry. Today something told me to finish up with the preview of my book.

There are four pages of art and poetry that follow these two pages and then the catalogue of art work at the back of the book and an "about the artist/poet" page.

The black and white images in my book that I drew on my iBookG4 screen using the trackpad and the Appleworks6 "Painting" program were drawn in January of 2008 with Richard in mind.

The poem was written on Good Friday, two years before Richard died. Richard stopped breathing on Good Friday of 2008 but was resuscitated and lived one more month before a brain tumor ended his life.

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