Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful rainy day


Loren said...

If you wanted to see rain, you could have visited Naches in Eastern Washington. I went for sunshine and got three days of the heaviest rain I've seen this side of Aberdeen :-)

jarvenpa said...

Rain here too, all through May in the northern California woods. Your photo is luminous, better than my state of ungrateful mind, which is going "I so need to see some sunlight!!!"

Anonymous said...

what beautiful greens and the yellow lanterns. kjm

am said...

Loren -- Yep. Aberdeen takes the cake (-:

jarvenpa -- Thanks for stopping by. Hope the sunshine arrives soon in the northern California woods!

kjm -- Your comment made me think you might like this:

See them yellow lanterns walk
A circle around our bit of earth

(Jakob Dylan, from "Down On Our Own Shield")