Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing But The Whole Wide World

"Mama she raised me to sing and just let them talk."
(Listen to Jakob Dylan, Neko Case and Kelly Hogan)

My mother died in 1994 when she was 78 years old. She would have liked Jakob Dylan. She liked Bob Dylan and thanked me for introducing his music to her. My father took the Polaroid photo of her when she was 71. That was on Mother's Day in 1987, with flowers I sent to her.

Read about The Mothers' Peace Library in Quang Tri Province in Vietnam.

"It is the peace between the Mothers that is the most important peace of all."
(Ambassador Le Van Bang -- Vietnam)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


The Solitary Walker said...

'The Eternal-Feminine draws us upward...' Goethe

Anonymous said...

Nice reminder how the mums are here in many ways, such staying power, truly a blessing for so many of us. kjm

Chana Meddin said...

Truly moving, especially in light of having seen photographs of your mother as a young woman...what a touching, loving tribute, am! the new "Urban" Art Farm is definitely not the same without you and Oboe-san next door.
How are your baby swallows and flowers?