Thursday, January 26, 2012

A message from Oboe and Joseph Conrad / An insurmountable palindrome

It's been cold here, and when I wasn't looking, Oboe stepped onto my warm laptop keyboard and wrote:


Something about a countdown, money and the approximately 500% of cats that she speaks for?

I've been noticing that "insurmountable palindrome" keeps coming up on the Stats on my Blogger "Search Keywords" list which shows me how people come across my blog using Google search words. Just now I found that Oboe has been Photoshopped, along with the cedar-wrapped Nash Metro that appeared on one of my posts on coincidences last July.

Oboe takes everything in stride.

“… the artist appeals to that part of our being which is not dependent on wisdom: to that in us which is not an acquisition – and, therefore, more permanently enduring. He speaks to our capacity for delight and wonder, to our sense of pity, and beauty, and pain: to latent feeling of fellowship with all creation – and to the subtle but invincible conviction of solidarity that knits together the loneliness of innumerable hearts, to the solidarity in dreams, in joy, in sorrow, in aspirations, in illusions, in hopes, in fear, which binds men to each other, which binds together all humanity – the dead to the living and the living to the unborn.”
(Joseph Conrad)

Insurmountable palindrome: No X in Nixon.


The Solitary Walker said...

Hi Oboe!


Hope all that's clear, my feline friend.

PS lsssssssssxxxxx```==§96245/nnnnvvvv!

(What a concatenation!)

am said...

What a funny day! Your comment came through while I was still editing my post. Oboe loved seeing your concatenation. She doesn't miss a thing!

Taradharma said...

that Oboe is one forward-thinking cat! Love the photoshopped versions, too.