Thursday, January 5, 2012

Veterans for Peace, Jonathan J. Santos Memorial Chapter 111, Bellingham

Veterans For Peace, Jonathan J. Santos Memorial Chapter 111, Bellingham

"We believe that the war is not ending - it is only shifting from the streets to the hospitals, the cemeteries, the community and our homes."

-- Michael Jacobsen, Vietnam War veteran; Evan Knappenberger, Iraq War veteran; and Carole Edrehi, Vietnam War Red Cross worker, are members of Veterans For Peace, Jonathan J. Santos Memorial Chapter 111, Bellingham. For more information, go to

(Drawing of anonymous man from window seat at the Community Food Co-op on November 28, 2011)


Anonymous said...

We all seem anonymous though having someone put us in ink has a sort of validation. thanks for this. kjm

Keara said...

am, everything you have been posting has been so fine, and very moving to me. The boy, the horse, Orion's belt - so poignant, so eloquent. "This isn't working, is it?" is, in its own way, very communicative and eloquent. It has, somehow, worked. And on and on it goes.

Something seems to be stirring in you. As I read your post about how you have worked creatively in your blog space more than in your studio, I find myself wondering if you can use the blog as a gentle way of getting back into the studio. Perhaps you feel a little intimidated by the studio and what it represents. You are very at home at the blog, however, and - as you note - very productive here. Perhaps you can come and go between the two, as feels right for you. Perhaps too you can use the blog to encourage yourself.

You could start with something small and informal in the studio, if you wish, but still publish polished work at the blog. One need not exclude the other. Perhaps you can have a working relationship between the two.

Blessings on you and on all your work, wherever you will pursue it.