Friday, January 20, 2012

Refuge / The Lost Coast of California / Shelter from the Storm / Update

Every day, throughout the day, I visit here, in Humboldt County, via webcam. The two photos above came from that site. Birds can often be seen on the sea bluffs and in the sky. This week, especially, it has been a refuge from the snow and ice here. More often than not, it is sunny for part of the day at the Lost Coast, but even seeing the mist and rain at the ocean lifts my spirits.

I haven't been to the Lost Coast or anywhere on the open ocean since 2008, and I miss it. When I was in my early days of recovery from bulimia and anorexia in 1987, just thinking of the ocean would give me the strength to stop compulsively eating massive of amounts of food and throwing up afterwards.

When I am feeling out of sorts, I am grateful to be able to visit the ocean by way of this webcam as well:

Mendocino, California

Listening to Bob Dylan helped, too, in those early days of recovery:

Update, January 21, 2012, at the Lost Coast:


Taradharma said...

the shot of the elephants swimming really got to me -- that those huge animals could swim so gracefully, wow.

To have recovered from eating disorders is a very lucky thing, indeed. Many are not so fortunate. Good on ya.

Hayley Rose said...

beautiful pictures- the ocean gives me strength- in fact it is the basis for my entire book...

am said...

Taradharma -- The swimming elephants moved me, too. Reminded me of Vera, the elephant in "Larger than Life," starring Bill Murray. Did you ever see that movie? That was how I learned that elephants can swim.

I'm grateful for every day of freedom from eating disorders.

Hayley Rose -- Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your thoughtful comments. Thank goodness for the ocean. Looking forward to reading your book.