Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crow flying / Crow walking / Crow drawing

A few mornings ago, I went out on my porch to see an extraordinary sky around sunrise and noticed crows flying from the east to the west.  Enlarge photo to see them all.

I listened to all of the birds singing.

Later, down by Bellingham Bay, I watch a crow taking a walk.

Here's more about the the daily migration of crows and an image of a crow flying at sunrise, Black Crow Blues, and a crow drawing by am from April 2010:

and just found this -- crows or ravens in a tree at Big Sur this very moment:


bev said...

For many years, there were a couple of rookeries in the city which was about 15 miles north of our farm. On of the rookeries was in a grove of trees by one of the large hospitals. We were always amazed by the number of crows that would fly out from the city rookeries to forage in cornfields about 5 to 10 miles south of the city. They would spend the day gleaning corn from the tangle of stalks that had been combined in late summer. Before dusk, they would rise up and fly by the thousands back to their perches. When I was commuting to Carleton University for several years, their daily flights had us crossing paths as I headed north while they headed south in the morning, and the reverse at night. One of the most remarkable sights that we ever came upon was thousands of crows sitting on the huge lawns surrounding the Canada Post headquarters in Ottawa. We asked about the observation on our local nature discussion list and someone mentioned that a rookery had gone down when a huge grove of trees was chopped down for a housing development. The displaced crows began gathering on the lawn at night for some time until they could establish a new rookery. I like crows and ravens and miss those that nested in the trees on our farm. The antics of young crows are so amusing.

Taradharma said...

belated birthday greetings, my friend! good thing I enlarged that photo -- otherwise I would not have seen the crows.

That live view from Nepenthe is quite familiar to me. I have spent time at the very spot, looking south along the Big Sur coast. One of the most astonishing restaurant views ever.

I have a video or two of massive amounts of crows gathering in trees in our neighborhood. Their cries were very loud, and when they decided, in unison, to take fly, the sound was quite a thing to hear. I'll have to dig that up and see if I can post it.