Saturday, September 22, 2012

View from the Lake Padden Trail

"If we're responsible to ourselves, then we can be responsible for other people, too.  But we have to know ourselves first.  People listen to my songs and they must think I'm a certain type of way, and maybe I am.  But there's more to it than that. I think they can listen to my songs and figure out who they are, too."

(Bob Dylan, from the recent Rolling Stone interview by Mikal Gilmore)


Goat said...

Well, I did it - "handed over" the (virtual) cash on iTunes this morning and bought the new record. I only had time to listen to the first couple of songs before work, but my first single-word response would be "oldtimey". Looking forward to a deeper listen tonight.

am said...

Yes. Oldtimey sounds and words and references and startling moments of fierceness, gentleness, and even silliness (I'm thinking here of portions of the long song about the Titanic). It was helpful to me to visit Eyolf Østrem's excellent website for the lyrics for all the songs:

After listening through several times at home, I have the CD in my car CD player and am listening to it in short segments. It is continuing to move me in unexpected ways.