Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A walk up the street to Big Rock Garden

Entering Big Rock Garden

"Intuition Free," by Ann Morris

"Turtle," by David Marshall

Korean War Children's Memorial

"Three Musicians," by C.A. Scott

Looking back into the garden

Walking home, down the hill


The Solitary Walker said...

I'd like a Big Rock Garden at the end of my street.

Anonymous said...

A lovely walk.

Goat said...

Looks like a nice walk. Love the balancing rocks, and the Korean memorial (I think the structure might be a "jeongja") takes me back...

Growing my first rhododendrons here - don't know what I'm doing but they seem pretty tough. Fond memories of seeing big wild ones while hiking the Appalachian Trail through Virginia.

bev said...

Looks like a peaceful garden. I like the "intuition Free" sculpture of the horse - a foal, I thinl, especially the views of just the body above the vegetation. I like seeing my dogs lookingnlike that pushing their way through the long vegetation and reminding me a little of ships at sea. The rock garden certainly has the feel of a PNW garden. That is something I am realizing that I am missing. I used to travel to Oregon to meet up and travel with a friend each autumn for a number of years. Even the wildest places have a feel of being a garden on a massive scale - the rocks, ferns, mosses, towering trees. There is nothing else like it anywhere else in my travels.