Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Long Night's Journey Into Day"

"Long Night's Journey Into Day," by Megan Rye, 2008

For quite some time I've saved this image, meaning to post it with a link to information on the artist, Megan Rye.  See the link to her webpage at the bottom of the link. I'm in the midst of my own journey, experiencing the return of a recurring anxious dream that it is getting dark, that I am alone without material resources and that I am trying to find my way home.  Home is nearly always thousands of miles away in these dreams.  This dream has recurred a substantial number of times recently, including last night.

As disturbing as these dreams are and as far away as home seems while I am dreaming, I am noticing that inside the current series of dreams I have choices and inner resources.  That was not an element of the earlier versions of the dream.

I've come a long way since last September when I suddenly began reliving the months before and after my Richard returned from Vietnam in December of 1970.  It's been a journey of healing.

A morning meditation in my porch garden with birds singing:


Sabine said...

I very much hope that you will find your way through this dark maze of dream(s). It can be so hard even if it's "only" a dream.
"Remember, you have the strength to at least wait and see what happens next before you give in to the urge of running away."
This has been the best advice I received during my darkest moments.
Be well.

am said...

Thank you, Sabine. I am taking your words to heart.

Was just in the process of adding a little video of my porch garden when your comment arrived. Good timing.