Saturday, June 21, 2014

Splendid feathery clouds for Janis on Summer Solstice 2014

As I was about to get into my car this morning, I looked back toward my condominium home and saw those splendid feathery clouds which made me think of Janis and her feather boas and "Summertime."

Once again I am remembering the dream I had in 1999 in which Janis looked at all of us who are still alive and said these words,  "Please kiss the 21st Century for me!"

May your Summer Solstice move you to rise up singing! 


Nick said...

What. A. Voice. Different!

Anonymous said...

I love that dream you had, and the clouds are absolutely beautiful. We waved hello to the 21st century for so many of our loved ones who did not stay long enough to see it arrive.