Sunday, August 17, 2014

Say yep to life


I've enjoyed the word yep for as long as I can remember.  Its source for me must have been television.  In my earliest memories of hearing that word, a man is saying it.   It's like yesiree, which I would have heard on the Howdy Doody Show in the early 1950s -- "yessiree Bob."

I wonder if the generation that grew up watching The Muppet Show says, "Yep Yep Yep."

Okey-dokey and okey-doke came from watching "The Little Rascals" on television.



Yessiree Bob.

After starting out as a boisterous child (my father's adjective -- he didn't want boisterous children), I became a shy quiet child who didn't say much in public.  I didn't want to be a cowgirl.  I didn't want to grow up to be Dale Evans or Lucille Ball or any of the other women I saw on television or in the movies.  I wanted to be a brave and solitary cowboy and say, "Yep." And since that was impossible, I wished I could grow up to be a brave cocker spaniel like Lady and have a friend like Tramp who would help me to defend the baby.  And most of all, I didn't want to be like the aunt in this clip:


Not yep yep yep  (-:

And then there's wow and wowee.

My wandering mind just said,  "Say yep to life."

Here is the only time those words have ever been written on the internet until now, and I had been so sure that lots of people were saying yep to life.

This is my 64th summer.  Wow.  Wowee.  Yep.

To see a most beautiful place to walk, look here.


Sabine said...

Yep! I don't mind repeating myself here.

Anonymous said...

There are so many words for "yes".

It's a high profile word at the moment in the UK - at least in the Scottish part of it. It's being used as a slogan by the pro-independence campaigners in the run up to the independence referendum. We recently drove around a lot of Scotland and saw quite a lot of little, one word posters with "yes" on them. I have to say if I'd been a pro-yes campaigner I'd like to have seen more. I did wonder why they didn't say "aye" - another, essentially Scottish, word for "yes". One or two did.