Monday, May 25, 2015

Looking At Old Stories Without Words and Planting Seeds and Listening To A Dream on Memorial Day 2015

Early this morning, I planted seeds of yellow and red Zinnias out on my porch. It turns out that I did the same thing last year on Memorial Day. I had forgotten.


Sabine said...

Watching youf retrospective for the second time and I wish we had a huge, well at least biggish screen in this house.

Thank you, I love your detailed borders, I always had thing for this.

I hope you don't find this disrespectful of your artwork, but for me there is a strong connection to the early knitting designs by Kaffe Fassett ( and the designs of Candace Bahout (, both of which I have been copying and reshaping into various textile offerings to my family for years. - That about sums up my creative energy.

am said...

Sabine -- Thank you so much for the introduction to Kaffe Fassett and Candace Mahout and for saying that my drawings and paintings made you think of their work. I see the connection, too. In the years before I did most of my drawings and paintings, I made macrame tapestries ( and patchwork quilts and made pictures with embroidery, always in love with color.

It sounds to me as if you have been more consistently creative with your textile work than I have been with my drawing and painting. My most productive creative period began in 1980 when I was 30 years old and was pretty much over by 1990, and so it's been a joy to have been working on mandalas since last September. Not quite like being 30 again, but the creative energy has returned.

You inspired me to watch this:

And this:

Jacob Lawrence, Vincent van Gogh, Marc Chagall, Georgia O'Keeffe, Australian Aboriginal art, and illuminated manuscripts were my main influences between 1966 and 2008. Today I am feeling inspired, too, by Kaffe Fassett and Candace Mahout.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all of this art work and the discussion here in comments. After looking at Candace Mahout's work, it made me want to give you a link to a friend of ours in Santa Cruz who does mosaics as well. She started ten years ago, and her work has truly been inspired. Check out Beth Purcell's mosaics:

am said...

robin andrea -- Beth's mosaic work is wonderful! Thank you for the link. I enjoyed looking at her website. I'm inspired once again.