Tuesday, May 5, 2015

looking forward to getting back to work on the mandalas

My cataract surgery went well. I have excellent distance vision in my left eye now, but most book reading and all drawing are not an option until I get a new pair of prescription glasses in June after the new lens has settled in. I started Mandala #12 before having cataract surgery.

Here is the mandala my mother made after her cataract surgery in the 1980s, when cataract surgery was a much more complicated and painful process than it is today.


Anonymous said...

Your mom's mandala post-surgery is lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, when you have your full vision back. Take care.

Sabine said...

Good news about the surgery! My granny had this done when she was 98 and decided that it made her about 30 years younger and so she got back on her bicycle - with mixed results.

Looking forward to more mandala paintings.

Tara said...

very good news indeed on the surgery. you have something to really look forward to with the mandala.

Happy for you!