Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Celebrating Mandalas Made By High School Students / Mandalas As Blessings / Little Wheel Spin and Spin / Intense joy and sadness co-existing inseparably

Click here:  Mandalas!

That is something else new for me to listen to while working on my next mandala.

Buffy Sainte-Marie came to mind, too, from all those years ago:

One thing leads to another.

"This song comes from a strange zone where intense joy and sadness seem to co-exist inseparably."(Brendan Barry comment on YouTube)

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." (John Muir)


Tara said...

Such a splendid post! And in the end, the Lian Clancy and Mary Black tune brought tears to my eyes -- and I don't even know why. "Mono no aware" I suppose. Especially after the beautiful mandalas by high school students (amazing!) and the process of creation and destruction of the sand mandala.

You really went deep on this one, and I feel it deeply. Thank you so much. (Buffy was striking, as usual)

Sabine said...

You packed so much into this, I am only beginning to explore.

A couple of years ago I was able to witness the destruction of a sand mandale after a group of Tibetan monks hade created it during a week of dedicated and totally silent working. This was taking place in a former castle that is owned by a Baltic Christian student union. It's in a lovely location in the woods and I cycle past it on my way to and from work (when I am fit enough to cycle, I was then). It was by chance that I noticed a small sign at the main gate inviting viewers.
I arrived late in the afternoon just before sunset just as the monks walked arround table and started brushing the multicoloured sand together. This was followed by much laughter and rejoicing. It was all over in a flash.
The sand was collected into an urn and later scattered into the river.

ellen abbott said...

all the mandalas are so lovely. thanks for this.

37paddington said...

Hi am. I will be back to view the videos. Sand mandalas always astonish me.