Thursday, October 24, 2019

Joy Harjo / "She Had Some Horses" / "Fear Poem" / Mandala #45: Starry

This extraordinary 1:42:53 event begins at 6:30, with only anticipatory audience sounds previous to that.  If there isn't time for listening to something of that length, I hope there is time to listen to this:

and this:

(both of which are performed during the inaugural reading)

Stepping away from my Spanish language studies, I listened to Joy Harjo's inaugural reading as the current U.S. poet laureate and at the same time was able to complete Mandala #45, my third mandala for 2019.  Nine more to go.  That would be at least one a week until the end of the year. 

Hmmmm.  It's been a complicated year on so many levels.

We'll see.

I'm grateful that I first learned of Joy Harjo's poetry in 1997 and that her poetry will be heard by more and more people in these days when her voice is needed more than ever.

Although my social time and energy is currently limited, I continue to read your blogs and send love to all from the land of cloudy skies of great beauty:


ellen abbott said...

I've just never been a big fan of poetry even though I like music and songs are really a sort of poetry I suppose.

better get to it on those mandalas! my big plans for producing art this year fell by the wayside. was thinking about that last night writing up the next post.

37paddington said...

I love your art, and the sense of purpose your mandalas possess. Nine more! That's a lot.

Sabine said...

Looking at your latest mandala while listening to the spoken word music poetry, an excellent combination.