Sunday, October 27, 2019

La Casa En Mango Street

In studying the Spanish language, Sandra Cisneros has come to my attention.  I hope to work on Mandala #46 later this week while listening to our public library's copy of the CD titled "La Casa En Mango Street."  Now I have a goal of being able to read Sandra Cisneros' books in Spanish in the future.

Grateful to have met another kindred spirit through the magic of words, I'm almost finished reading our public library's copy of this collection of stories from Sandra Cisneros' life:

A House of My Own - Cisneros, Sandra


Tara said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I, too, believe that Art saves lives. I've heard of Sandra, but not read anything by her. The House on Mango Street (I've "englished" it) sounds like a good starting place. I will add it to my book list. Nothing better on a snowy day that to read in the comfort of a warm home.

37paddington said...

I shall have to pick up that book of Sandra Cisneros' stories. I wasn't aware of that one.