Sunday, October 13, 2019

Learning Spanish has become a full-time job as I work on my mandalas and everything else

Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma.

Listening to songs in Spanish helps me in my learning process.  The world feels new.  I think of you, Sabine, knowing several languages, several ways of being in the world.

Twelve of my framed drawings and paintings (dibujos y picturas del alma) from the 1980s are on display and for sale at a local independent store.  Legendary Vinyl sells vinyl record albums and turntables on consignment.  

So much to do, so little time.  And yet, it is enough.  More than I ever expected.


My life so far said...

I know a little sigh language. I learned it in my thirties to teach to Miss Katie. Sadly I've lost most of it, except what she signs on a regular basis. I admired that you're learning a new language. It's not easy.

I also like your paintings.

37paddington said...

Are those your paintings??? I love them!

am said...

Rosemarie -- Yes (-: Thank you!

am said...

Lilycedar -- Thank you!

Colette said...

Your paintings are stunning. Great colors and shapes.

ellen abbott said...

there had been a house on out street no one lived in but someone was taking care of. after Harvey and the flood, they fixed up the damage and finally moved in. a young man and his wife, his brother, and his parents. Only the young husband and his brother speak English. I should brush up on my spanish. haha. I have so little that remains in my head. but I would like to be able to talk to the wife and mother and they have so many plants and flowers.

Tara said...

your work looks GREAT on display!! I hope you sell them all.

My friend and current housemate is taking a Spanish class with her daughter right now. They have a part-time home in Mexico and feel embarrassed that they know so little of the language. It's tough to learn this at our age, so kudos to you.


Sabine said...

Those paintings look stunning and I hope you have some good sales results.
Throughout my teens at school I was told that I had no talent for modern foreign languages and told to concentrate on Latin as this would be my only chance to fulfill the exam requirements.
When I met R I had very little English but it was our emotional language and I think it was because of these emotions that I mastered it in a short time. There are so many positive feelings I cannot express in my native language at all, but I can be angry in German.
Enjoy learning Spanish!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your art on the walls at the record store. That is so cool, and they look beautiful. I truly admire you for learning Spanish. Our grandkids are in a charter school that teaches in both languages. So, they are learning Spanish at a young age. I wish I had had that experience.