Friday, January 1, 2021

Sharing my 2021 Mandala Calendar in True Colors / Earth Mandala / True Colors

Having these 12 mandalas of mine professionally scanned this week allows me to show them in their true colors for the first time.  The first mandala is from a previous year and the remaining eleven were completed in 2020, most of them in the last two months.

I'm emailing these images to those who responded previously via email.  

If anyone else would like these 12 calendar images for 2021 emailed to them, let me know at:


This morning I opened my 2021 Sierra Club Engagement Calendar and saw the photo of our planet from space -- a beautiful multi-dimensional earth mandala.

With love to blog friends, near and far, in the new year and always.


Anonymous said...

The details in your mandalas are so beautiful. I love your artwork so much.
And yes, that really is a stunning multidimensional earth mandala. Our beautiful planet is a work of art.
Happy New Year!

Colette said...

Wow! So many beautiful mandalas.

ellen abbott said...

I love your mandalas, so complex. I wouldn't know where to start.

Sabine said...

Thank you, thank you. This is just so, so wonderful and stunning. I will show you the finished calendar as soon as I get it done.

37paddington said...

I'm so excited about the calendar, how very beautiful the mandalas are! So much love to you and wishes for a wonderful year.