Friday, January 22, 2021

Sunrise / Breach Repairers


While working on my first mandala of 2021, I listened to the inaugural prayer service because it was suggested to me by a religious person I trust.  Some of what I heard put me on edge because it reminded me of my troubled childhood where every Sunday morning was spent in an Episcopal church which didn't feel any safer than my family home.

While drawing I listened to, more than watched, the YouTube video of the prayer service.  When I heard something in a voice that engaged me, I would look to see who was speaking.  I looked up numerous times and saw a diversity of faces of people who are at peace with speaking of and to the God of their understanding.  I'm grateful to Rev. William J. Barber, II, for his homily where he spoke of repairing the breach in the United States with hope in God and hard work and acknowledging that there are those of us who don't relate to God or a god in the way he does and who nevertheless are willing to do the work of repairing the breach.

He heartily acknowledged, among other people who are often not acknowledged in settings such as this prayer service, "people not of faith but with a moral conscience," as breach repairers.  His homily can be found here.  (There are two videos at the link.  The second one has the complete homily.)

This is the mandala I am working on.  It might be finished.  I'm not sure yet.


Anonymous said...

Love the mandala. I had forgotten about the Prayer service at the Inauguration. I will listen to it again. Thank you for the reminder.

ellen abbott said...

I was raised Episcopalian too. had a lot of trouble with a lot of the theology and eventually renounced christianity altogether, (really all three - Judeo/Christian/Muslim though I never entertained Islam). it's nice that Rev. Barber recognised that belief in their god is not necessary to being a moral person.

beth coyote said...

love the mandala, love it.

Colette said...

That mandala is SO beautiful. I hope you finish it, although unfinished art is interesting and has a beauty of it's own. I really enjoy the Rev. Dr. Barber. He ministry for the poor has been extraordinary.