Friday, November 5, 2021

Land Acknowledgment / Late afternoon sky after wind and rain

Thanks to YouTube for yet another welcome suggestion.

"Ferndale Schools Lummi Land Acknowledgement.

Produced by Ferndale School District, Children of the Setting Sun, and the Lhaqtemish Foundation."



ellen abbott said...

The sky is a constantly changing mural.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The sky has been stunning there. So many views of beauty.

Tara said...

Amazing skies. Gossamer clouds with brilliant light.

I watched the Lummi video. Now I'm curious about what it means to actually be a sovereign nation on the land. I'll do some research! Thanks you. What a terrible history the U.S. has with Indigenous people. A great wrong that in many places has not been put right.

Joared said...

Spectacular views in your photos! So many treaties violated across our country with Indigenous people.