Sunday, November 14, 2021

Not grey inside this mandala / Gratitude

Still not true colors but good enough until I can have this series professionally scanned.


1.  Full set up.
2.  Before adding quilt and comforter.
3.  Basic set up.

I'm grateful to have been moved to take a single series of yoga classes in 1970 while R was in Vietnam.  When I was 27, I began taking weekly classes at the first yoga school in Bellingham and continued classes along with a home practice  until I was in my late 30s and physical limitations became a deterrent to taking classes but did not keep me from continuing my own home practice and refraining from poses that weren't appropriate for my body.  When I was in my 40s, I took classes from different yoga schools that had opened in Bellingham, including classes in restorative yoga, continuing my early morning home practice.  

During the early years of my blog, I continued a vigorous home yoga practice, finding myself able to do poses that I had not been able to do as a younger woman.  The years of yoga practice had strengthened my upper body and given me a sense of confidence in my body that had been missing from my years prior to discovering yoga.  In my 60s, I began letting go of poses that had the potential for causing injuries and those which clearly put stress on my strong but aging body.

Now that I am in my early 70s, I have had to let go of more and more poses due to a low back that has been susceptible to injury since I was in my 30s.   I've lost some of my height and can no longer do backbends without causing a flare of low back pain.  And yet, I am able to do a fairly vigorous yoga practice that combines a basic series of sitting, standing, balancing, stretching, bending, inverted and reclining poses that I have done since I was in my 20s along with restorative yoga poses.

Here's a pose I can no longer do because it hurts my knees.  I was unable to do this pose at all until I was in my 50s.


There's something to be said for letting go to make space for something new.


Mandala #37:  Woman Moved By Gratitude


37paddington said...

Wise words about both letting go and pressing on. Thank you.

Tara said...

Yes, as my body has changed I've moved to different kinds of yoga. Pre-pandemic I did chair yoga with a group of my neighbors. Still a good work out.

Grateful for what we can do, eh?

Anonymous said...

I love that you are still working out. That is so inspiring to me. I don't do yoga, but I do stretching exercises everyday. It helps with my lower back issues. Now I have to figure out what to do with my poor arthritic neck. These aging bodies are so interesting.
I love seeing your artwork, am. Thank you for that. I took a closer look at the top photo and loved seeing the horse-eye-bird.

Joared said...

Wisely you kept up your yoga and now you'll be just as wise to tailor your moves to what is best for your body presently. I took a yoga class when I was pregnant with my second child and was amazed at how restful yet invigorating I felt afterward. I wish I had kept up yoga exercises, adding some additional appropriate ones.