Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calendar Series: 30th Month / River Dreaming of the Ocean and Sky (1988)

Here I combined images from a solo road trip during which I visited my parents and sister in Northern California in the spring of 1987. This combination of landscape elements exists only in my mind but depicts a place I have visited often. I remember learning as a child that all rivers were heading to the ocean and that at the ocean the water somehow rose into the sky to form clouds which rained into the rivers. 

A few years ago, in the fall, I was sitting alone beside Nooksack Falls in the North Cascade Mountains and remembered about that cycle and began to write the following poem: 

I carried myself to the mountains 
Though the ocean wasn’t there 
I carried the ocean to the mountains 
Though the ocean wasn’t there 
I carried God to the mountains 
Though God wasn’t there 
God carried me to the mountains 
Though I wasn’t there 
God carried God to God 
Though God wasn’t there


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to follow it logically, but I feel like I get that poem. Nice flow.
I've been trying to figure out my response to your paintings; I usually don't care much for such bright, modernistic color. Restating the flatness of your surface is unnecessary to me, but something about your work overcomes that, reaches through it, you might say. I think it's the drawing. Your drawing grounds it in felt 3D reality. Your personal experience. Very powerful.

am said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, a. decker, and for bringing my attention to that poem. I hadn't thought about that in a while.

I have enjoyed looking at your archived paintings as well. Now I see that your drawings are a way of painting with pencil and pen. Strong work. It does me good to see it.