Friday, February 2, 2007

Full Moon, Chair and Planter Rising (1986)

Most of the cold symptoms have gone, without turning into sinusitis. I'm left with a debilitating headache that started day before yesterday. Migraine medication has not helped me. Feels like a mold allergy headache. The only good thing about headaches is how extraordinarily good I feel when they are over. 

The above image is one of a handful done with acrylic paint on canvas, painted on one of the dark days before I left the marriage I had entered in 1976. My dream had always been of living by the ocean, so I painted a night ocean outside the windows of the home I was soon to be leaving. As I looked at this painting, I remembered that I had used the image of "the place where two walls meet" before. I searched through my images and found that motif on one previous occasion (1974) and five later occasions (1988, 1989, 1990 and 2004) and uploaded them for comparison.


Coming up over the next four days are the last of the gouache and watercolor paintings to which I added Rembrandt chalk pastel. The chalky dust and pigment from the pastels were irritating my sinuses, and I began to worry about the toxicity of the pigments. I had tried using a protective mask but couldn't stand the feeling of a mask on my face. 

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Lori Witzel said...

Glad to have heard that the sketches etc. I've managed to post helped your head-aches...

Anyway, I really like the image and metaphor of "the place where two walls meet."

Seems like there's a poem in there somewheres.