Monday, February 26, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Although I know if I spent some more time, I could figure out how to post the "My Three Sons" clip below the clip of my painting, where I would rather have it, I'm not going to take anymore time on this.

o o




robin andrea said...

Aha! I was wondering why you had a clip of "My Three Sons." I love the "My Three Suns" painting. Quite beautiful, am.

I watched that TV series when I was a kid. All I can think of when I see that clip is Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity.

am said...

Thank you, robin andrea!

I imagine you and roger are enjoying the sunshine on this Pacific Northwest morning, too. It's warm enough here that I've let my cat, Oboe, walk around out on the second story porch and breathe the exhilarating late winter air while I work.