Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We Were Talking About the Wedding of the Two Freedoms (1993)

Hope is the wedding of two freedoms, human and divine, in the acceptance of a love that is at once a promise and the beginning of fulfillment. -----Thomas Merton


nicolette said...

Hello...glad i could help you place that quote. I was curious about your art so i strayed on over... really lovely. I see we are fans of some of the same things (merton, chagall, o'keefe, julian of norwich, yoga) so I am happy to have "met" (in the technological sense) you.

dianeclancy said...

I like your artwork. I love the quilting feel to it.

I like the combination of containment and freedom that is expressed.

I am putting my blog since it is not blogger so my identity is hidden ...

- Diane Clancy