Friday, August 31, 2007


Looking south, morning sunlight:

Morning sunlight fading:

Looking east, late August clouds settling in:

The Waking

"I hear my being dance from ear to ear" (Theodore Roethke)


robin andrea said...

The clouds rolled in here too this morning. Our summer seems to come and go in three-day increments. Fall is around the corner. Lately I've been seeing leaves falling from trees. So it begins.

am said...

Despite the clouds that come and go, this is my favorite time of year. Even though the cloudy days begin to increase, the ground is still fairly dry. For me, it's the best time for visiting the Cascade mountains via Mt. Baker HIghway or driving the North Cascades Highway to for a visit to Eastern Washington where it tends to be sunny and dry.

In Western Washington, there are almost always some spectacularly clear, cool and breezy days in September and October.

I've noticed that, too, about the three-day increments. At times, the weather patterns don't seem to be able to hold longer than that. When I first moved here in 1974, I found that very odd. Now I find it odd when the weather holds for any length of time.

robin andrea said...

Fall is actually my favorite time of year. The angle of light is beautiful, and cool nights the best for sleeping. I love October.

am said...

Yes. October is one fine month!