Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday I heard an unusual bird call. When I turned to look outside, I saw:

What I heard:

This morning:

This afternoon:

"How are you?"

"Perfect, thank you. I'm traveling incognito."

"Oh? As what are you disguised?"

"I am disguised as myself."

"Don't be silly. That's no disguise. That's what you are."

"On the contrary, it must be a very good disguise, for I see that it has fooled you completely."

-- Nasrudin, Sufi Tales


Loren said...

I'm jealous, am. I see them in the woods across the street, but they've never come to my suet feeder before.

Nice Sufi tale, too.

Anonymous said...

I love Pileated woodpeckers. How neat to have one coming to your feeder. A couple or so years ago, i wrote about a funny encounter with one on my Burning Silo blog. it flew down and started pounding on a branch lying on the ground right in front of me - stopping and moving forward and giving me the funniest look - a sort of Beetlejuice ogle. Made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

love the way this wp turns its eye on you. kjm

Zhoen said...

I thought they were insectivores. But maybe it was just tasting.

robin andrea said...

I can't believe you had a Pileated come to your feeder! Woohoo that is so cool, am. What a wonderful thing.

I love the Sufi quote.

Anonymous said...

How very cool to have a pileated w. at your feeder. I see them all the time at my cabin but they never come to the feeder. well, once, one swooped a red-bellied woodpecker that was in the feeder, but that's as close as I've ever gotten.

Carolyn h.

R.L. Bourges said...

great shots of the woodpecker and - yayyy Nasruddin!