Thursday, March 5, 2009


This Land Was Made For You And Me.

Ever since I saw the above painted image of Woody Guthrie on the YouTube video of Ramblin' Jack Elliott singing "Talking Fish Blues," I've been trying to find the above photo image of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo from the early 1960's. I remember seeing that photo for the first time in the early 1980's. I've always liked it. Now I like it even more.

Thanks so much to robin andrea for the link to Sita Sings the Blues, a playful telling of the Ramayana.

About an hour ago it started to snow here, but there was blue sky to the north:

Now it's 41 degrees on my porch, and the view looks like this:

Do you see the bald eagles' nest in the cottonwood trees?


Anonymous said...

like the dylan photo. must admit i found the book by rotolo a big disappointment. the eagles in cottonwoods, great bit. lived near drayton harbor once and had an eagle nest in a cottonwood across the street. good stuff and love the woody illustration.kjm

robin andrea said...

I remember that photo of Dylan and Rotolo too. I don't think I would have thought of it though, seeing the Woody Guthrie image. Nice juxtaposition. Have the eagles returned to this nest for the season? When we were in Washington, we noticed that some eagles have more than one nest, so a nest can go empty for a season.

am said...

kjm -- Thanks for reminding me that I could drive up to Drayton Harbor one of these early spring days. I remember now that you used to live near there.

Interesting that you found the book disappointing. I prepared myself to be disappointed but was not. In many ways, Suze Rotolo strikes me as a good role model for young women artists. I wish I could have read her book when I was 21, trying to find my way as an artist, and realizing that I needed to separate from R because our relationship was becoming destructive for both of us. She's the older sister I wish I had. She thrived and gained the respect of Bob Dylan. He wrote affectionately of her in CHRONICLES VOL. 1. From my perspective, her book also shows affection and appreciation for him.

robin andrea -- The eagles have been active in the past few weeks, working on their nest. The eagles first built their nest in the cottonwoods in late fall of 1994. A few weeks later my mother died. In her last letter, which arrived after she died, she enclosed an article about a Golden Eagle who had been injured, but had healed and was about to be set free again.

The Solitary Walker said...

I agree with you about that book, am.