Thursday, July 2, 2009

JULY 2, 2009 -- For R

In 2002, R asked me if I liked movies. I said, "Yes." He told me that his favorite movie was "Outlaw Josey Wales." I told him that my favorite movie was "Cinema Paradiso." He said he didn't usually watch movies with subtitles. "Outlaw Josey Wales" was my introduction to R's long list of favorite movies, all of which I'd not seen before. Each time I would talk with him on the telephone during his chemotherapy that year, he'd suggest another movie for me to see. I'm trying to remember the titles of all the movies I watched at his suggestion. Some of his suggestions came with the caution that a movie might be too violent for me. They were all good movies. R told me much about himself by way of movies. That was one of his many gifts to me.


mum said...

You see Salvatore's position and the look on his face at 2:50? That was me during this whole clip.

One of the many (great) movies with (the great) Philippe Noiret.

Nice to know it brings back nice memories for you. It certainly was pleasant for me.

best to you, am.

gleaner said...

Oh love Cinema Paradiso - really captured the love of movies.

Zhoen said...

Very important to watch the favorite movies of the people in your life. Always says a lot about them, for good or ill.