Sunday, July 19, 2009


Almost lost my camera a few days ago.

But when I drove back to the trailhead parking lot twenty minutes later, I found it sitting "viewer up" on the gravel where it had fallen from the tailgate of my friend's small truck. She had been concerned when I set it down there, but I assured her that it would be safe. Little did I know.

Tender Mercies.


robin andrea said...

I'm glad you found it and it still works. Yay!

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Zhoen said...

Moments of grace.

mum said...

ha.little miracles - the best kind. Had one over here: Cybèle went crashing through the woods chasing rabbits and lost her (expensive) halter. Found it yesterday, hanging neatly over a patch of scrub.

Tender Mercies: I never knew that show. It's a sweet moment you chose (specially when Duvall starts singing 'I'll be gone in the morning' and looks up to add: 'not really'.)

many more trails through the woods with your trusty camera, am.

Anonymous said...

rocks of ruck. a good omen. kjm