Saturday, November 14, 2009


“Our religion keeps reminding us that we aren't just will and thoughts. We're also sand and wind and thunder. Rain. The seasons. All those things. You learn to respect everything because you are everything. If you respect yourself, you respect all things.”

(William Least Heat Moon)


Dale said...


Anonymous said...

what a fabulous quote. I'm 'lifting' it this minute.

Also love the photo which reminds me of a mulberry colored painting I just saw, called 'Lightening of the Dark".

You can see it here:

cheers to you, am

Dawn said...

excellent Am!

am said...

R.L.: Thanks for the link to "Lightening of the Dark." Your eye for color is true. Astonishing how close the colors are!

Dale: Thanks for stopping by!

Dawn: Glad you liked this post!

Linda Sue said...

Amanda! Nice blog! I haven't seen you in the real world for SO long- years ago in front of the CO-OP I think.

am said...


We both should be awarded a prize for having good recall. That must have been 15 years ago in front of the Co-op. I remember that day. The sun was shining. It must have been summer. Bellingham is funny that way! So is the Internet. You are probably the third person from Whatcom County who has commented on my blog since I started it in December of 2006.

I am happy being anonymous and almost completely invisible in Bellingham.

Kind wishes!

robin andrea said...