Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dedicated to / Thanksgiving 2009

Sending love to family and friends and sending love to all those who are spending Thanksgiving in Iraq and Afghanistan this year and their families and friends.

Instead of posting links to songs by Bob Dylan, as I did in the two previous posts, I'm going to post his album / CD covers, beginning in 1962 and going through 2009, as an accompaniment to my limited edition art and poetry retrospective of the years 1966 to 2008.


Looking east before sunrise on the day before Thanksgiving:

Something I think about each year:

Declining an invitation to a Thanksgiving meal, Bob Dylan sat down and wrote "Just Like a Woman" on Thanksgiving Day 1965, while in Kansas City on tour.


Dale said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! And thank you.

bev said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, am.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving and thanks for making art count.kjm

Dick said...

I still feel a frisson when looking at that first Dylan album sleeve. I saw him on an obscure BBC TV play, filmed when he was briefly over here in 1962. He sat at the bottom of a flight of stairs and sang a song called 'The Swan On The River' (unrecorded as far as I'm aware) and then - memorably - 'Blowing In The Wind'. Instant seduction. I went out and bought the album and, from that point on and into later adolescence, judged my friends by their reactions. I ended up with a small but perfectly formed group of pals and together we were just about as hip as it was possible to be. How long ago/how just yesterday it all seems today!

Sorry - a sort of rant. Great blog. I'll be back.

am said...

Dick -- Intriguing to hear that you saw Bob Dylan on TV in 1962. Something about him has repeatedly drawn my attention for all these years, through all the changes.