Monday, November 30, 2009

Introduction / Double self-portrait


In December of 1966, I met R on the beach at Half Moon Bay, California. We had both just turned 17 years old, and we discovered that we had been born within 24 hours of each other. We both liked Bob Dylan's music. R loaned me his copy of the lyrics from the album "Blonde on Blonde," which had been released in the spring of 1966 ...

In January of 1970, he left for Vietnam, convinced that he could not obtain conscientious objector status and not wanting to go to prison or to Canada. We made a commitment to write a letter to each other every day and kept that commitment. He arrived home on December 8, 1970, in the early hours of the morning, but in some ways he never returned from Vietnam. We lived together for five turbulent and bewildering months and then separated, remaining friends. He asked to see me before he died in a VA hospital in April of 2008. It was 38 years after he had returned from Vietnam, 42 years after we first had walked together at Half Moon Bay. All of the following art work and poetry is, in one way or another, the result of R's presence and absence in my life.

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Oboe next to laptop this morning:


Anonymous said...

oboe seems to be saying, 'well, if you aren't going to answer this email, i might.'kjm

robin andrea said...

It looks like a very beautiful book.