Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Beginning today, there are 38 days left in 2009. Early this morning I made the decision to post images from my limited first edition book of artwork and poetry, starting with the front cover, proceeding with two facing pages at a time, and finishing on December 31 with the back cover. I'm pleased to say that Village Books has sold two of the three copies that they took on consignment a few weeks ago.

Along with the book images, I'll be posting links to Bob Dylan songs that I would have been listening to before I met Richard, in the decades that followed, and after Richard's death in April of 2008.

In my book, the poetry is purely chronological, while the artwork is generally chronological. Through those 40+ years, while I was drawing, painting, writing poetry and thinking about Richard, Bob Dylan's music was never far from my mind, beginning with the first time I listened to him with close attention in 1963, when I was almost 14 years old. I saw the 22-year-old Bob Dylan on television, singing "When the Ship Comes In" with Joan Baez and then singing "Only a Pawn in Their Game," as part of the Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C. The only song I ever heard Richard sing, accompanying himself on guitar, was "When the Ship Comes In," and that was before he went to Vietnam in January of 1970.


Looking east today:

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