Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apparently I look more like myself in the morning (-:

After trying this with several photos last night and finding out that I look 83% or less like Charles Bronson, Jane Goodall, Clint Eastwood, Golda Meir, Elie Wiesel, Jackie Chan, Meryl Streep and Hugh Jackman, I took another picture of myself on Photo Booth and found that in the morning after a good night's sleep, after getting together with friends and taking a walk by myself afterward, that I resemble the above people, 53% or less, in the photo I took today.

Kurt Cobain? When I first saw Kurt Cobain all those years ago, my thought was that if Richard and I had had a son, he would have looked like Kurt Cobain.

Charles Bronson?

I was most pleased to think I might be related to Golda Meir or Jane Goodall.

That was fun. Now I've got to start my work week.


The Solitary Walker said...

I think there's definitely some of Jackson Browne's nose in there, am :)

Great fun. Have a good week.

am said...


You have a good week, too. The days are good for walking, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Yes to Jane Goodall and Golda Meir. Now those two are some powerful women to resemble. Nice to see your face.

bev said...

Agree with Robin and, as she said, very nice to see your face! (-: